Your local cleaner, connected.

Laundry & dry cleaning made simple


Sudzy is the modern way to communicate with your favorite cleaner. You get a convenient way to place an order, get notified when it's ready, schedule delivery and... relax while your cleaner is taking care of your clothing and making sure you get it on time.

Easy As A Text Message

Ask questions and track your orders by text. When your clothing is ready you get a text and you can decide if you want to pick it up or have it dropped off to your place.

Faster and Simpler Delivery

Schedule your pickup and drop-off in a single click through mobile app, web or text message. Further, Sudzy connects your cleaner to drivers when they are busy so you get the fastest delivery always.

Secure Payment

Sudzy processes your payments in a secure manner and sends you digital receipts to your email or mobile.

Download the app to better experience your cleaner
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