Sudzy is the technology provider for managing orders for local cleaners. We don't deliver or do the cleaning ourselves. We have a network of local cleaners in each neighborhood who do the cleaning so we can ensure fast delivery, affordable prices, and quality. The cleaners may send a third party delivery service to ensure fast delivery.
Sudzy provides effortless, one-click laundry pickup and dropoff services so that you can spend your time doing what you love. Sudzy doesn't perform the delivery and cleaning. Rather, we have a network of local cleaners who do the cleaning. To ensure fast delivery, the cleaners may send a third party delivery service.

Simply press the "Pickup Now" button or "Schedule Pickup Later" in either the app or web version. Someone will arrive within an hour to pick up your clothing. When your clothing is clean you will receive alink to go to when you are ready for dropoff. Someone will drop off your clothing within an hour of you requesting dropoff.
Click the "Signup" button on either the web version or app. It will take under a minute to register. You will just need to add your pickup details and enter a pincode we text you for authentication. Then, you will be able to see details about the laundromat you have been matched with before scheduling a pickup.
Laundry and drycleaning pricing is determined by each individual cleaners. We have only partnered with laundromats with market-fair pricing. After you register and are matched with a laundromat you will be able to see specific pricing details before requesting a pickup. Some stores have an order minimum that you will be charged if you send less clothing.
We have a partnership with a network of cleaners in each neighborhood. All have been screened by our staff to ensure that they offer the quality of service we strive to deliver. Your support helps local laundromats stay competitive in an increasingly technological era.
You can use any bag you’d like. A garbage bag, backpack, pillowcase…any bag is fine. Just make sure to put your laundry and dry-cleaning in separate bags.
While you can use Sudzy on the web, we also have an iPhone app and an Android app!
Tipping is recommended. If you’d like to tip, please tip your delivery-person in cash.
Each cleaner is different. If you have a question or preference, you can add a note to the cleaner.
Our cleaners care a lot about customer service. If you have any problems, your cleaner will be happy to work with you to resolve the situation.
Simply go to or the app, log in with your phone number and pin code, and click “Pickup Now” or "Schedule Later". That’s it. You will receive a text and email with order information and the ability to add pickup notes.
You will receive a text when your clothing is ready. You will then be able to request a delivery when you are ready. No advanced scheduling needed.
The hours vary by laundromat but start at approximately 7-8am and end at approximately 7-8pm. After you register and are matched with a laundromat you will be able to see specific information on hours before requesting pickup.
You can leave your laundry outside your apartment at the door if necessary, but it's preferable that you be home or to leave your clothing with a doorman. Please specify if you will not be home in the pickup note.
The turnaround time varies by laundromat but is generally around 24 hours for laundry and 24-36 hours for drycleaning. Some cleaners offer same day when requested, some with an extra fee. After you register and are matched with a laundromat you will be able to see specific turnaround time details.
If the delivery-person does not arrive within 60 minutes and you have not received updates on the delivery status, please call the cleaners to find out where the delivery person is.
If you cancel a pickup or dropoff in under two hours of the scheduled time or if you are not home during your scheduled time you may be charged a $5 cancellation fee.
We do our best to match you to the closest laundromat to you with the highest quality ratings. You are welcome to switch laundromats at any time though. Please email us at